5 Amazing Places you Must Wild Swim

Swimming here at Swim Scene Society is more then doing laps and swim training at your nearest pool.

We love that feeling when you get out in nature and find the perfect natural swimming pool. Your mind is at peace and your body lapping up that sun and crystal clear water.

Here is our bucket list of wild swimming locations from around the world.

To Sua Ocean Trench, Lotofaga, Samoa

This 30 meter deep natural swimming hole is accessed via a steep ladder and filled with the beautiful warm waters from the South Pacific Ocean via a lava tube tunnel.

If the sheer beauty of this place was not enough to tempt you it is surrounded by tropical lush foliage and filled with bright marine life.

We also love to know that Samoa has been named one of the top ethical travel destinations in the world.

Grotta della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy

Sitting on the edge of the Adriatic Sea in Southern Italy this collection of lime pools name translates as Grotto of Poetry.

The main swim area is a 30 meter sinkhole (anyone else seeing a pattern here?). Apart from it’s amazing beauty this area is also famous as an import archaeological site for it’s hundreds of inscription in languages long disappeared.

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

With water streaming into these scenic pools from waterfalls off the Cuillin Mountains, this wild swim location takes a little more bravery. If you can handle the icy temperatures, these crystal clear have to be swam to be believed!

The walk to these pools will definitely be worth it, just make sure you take your camera too as you wont want to miss capturing the majestic beauty of this wild part of Scotland.

Have you experienced any of these amazing wild swim locations? Share your pictures on instagram by tagging us or with the hashtag #myswimscene

Gunlom Plunge Pool, Kakadu National Park, Australia

Forget the hotel infinity pool! If you are willing to hike the steep climb to these amazing pools you get stunning views over the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. Just picture swimming at sunset here! The added bonus in this part of the world being crocodiles don’t climb so you can enjoy your wild swim safely.

Blue Lagoon, Grindavik, Iceland

It may sound chilly but this natural geothermal swim hole is heated at a warm 40C (104F) all year round.

Although this one is more of a tourist site. We’re going to class this as a wild swim just because of the craziness of being able to swim in a pool in the Arctic Circle…while having a drink from the lagoons alfresco bar. The fact that it is in one of the most scenic and wild countries in the world also counts for something we think.

Which one are you adding to your bucket list? Do you have some others that you would like to share with us?

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