Welcome to Swim Scene Society.

My name is Luke and I started SSS because I see swimming not just as a competitive sport but an activity that promotes good health and longevity. Swimming is also a great way to get fit and stay healthy without to much impact or strain on the body. Swimming is great for your mental health too with the focus on breathing, it can be a great way to meditate or zone out.

More than anything I would like to see people get out and swim so that they can improve their health and wellbeing for long term life benefits. Swimming every or most days is an excellent habit to get into. It can be a great way to energize the mind and body or to de-stress at the end of a hard day.

I am an avid swimmer and know from my own experience how rewarding a long term swimming habit can be. My hope for this website is to give you the swimmer a resource of swim related reviews, fitness and wellbeing information.

How to Swim Better