Swim on a Budget and Reap the Benefits

I look at competitive swimming these days and see that attendance is down.

Swimming unfortunately has become an expensive sport.

Why has swimming become so expensive?

Squads and having the ‘right’ accessories have become the main expense for most swimmers. If you are a morning lap swimmer it can be hard to find a pool that is not dominated by squads at peak times.

Beat the crowds and costs with these few simple tips.

4 Easy Ways to Reduce your Swim Costs.

1.Educate yourself as a swimmer and learn about program design. A great way to do this is to join our online Swim Training Programs. We have put together programs specifically for your needs no matter what level swimmer you are. Good program design means better quality sessions with less time in the water.

2. Use ocean baths if you have access to one. Most of the ocean baths I use are free and council run. They are cleaned regularly and the salt water is much better for you then the chlorine and other nasty chemicals they put in pools these days.

3.I like to get close to nature when I train so I hop in the ocean as much as possible. Try this approach, the benefits are fantastic. I see the sunrise, and sometimes the sunset. I’ve had amazing experiences with sea life and always feel refreshed by the natural cool water.

Amazing wild swimming places

4.Yes there are lots of things you can buy to do with swimming but seriously, comfortable swimmers, a cap and good goggles are all you need.

Such easy ways to make your passion more affordable.

You will also need a sense of adventure.

Always make sure you do a bit of research about where you plan to swim. Talk to locals and find out as much information as you can about your chosen location. For example, Dam’s are nice clean places to swim and often beautiful, however it would not be a good idea to swim next to a Dam wall. Stick to the designated swimming areas and know that you are safe.

I encourage everyone to take the plunge. It will improve your health, your day and even your outlook on life. If you can avoid paying for a swim at a pool and go natural who knows what you could do with those extra funds? Perhaps start saving to hit up your dream swim destination.

Do you have more tips we can share with our squad? We would love for you to share them below.

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